Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bracket Mensa Projections 3/10/10

Last Four In: San Diego St., Washington, Mississippi, Illinois

First Four Out: Memphis, Rhode Island, Dayton, Seton Hall


  1. Hey, I was asking you about UNI earning better than a #9 seed and you were wondering who they could replace at the #7 or #8 spot...

    Well, after Missouri just lost by 15 points to 15-17 Nebraska, I think we've found our candidate.

    With the loss, Missouri's RPI drops to the mid-40s. Most mid-major teams would be sweating out an at-large bid with a number that iffy, so I've gotta believe that you can safely put UNI in its rightful place as a #7 seed now. :)

    Quick comparison: UNI's currently 4-1 vs. the RPI top 50, Missouri's 4-7. UNI's 12-2 vs. the RPI top 100... Mizzou's only 6-7. UNI's 14-4 away from home... Missouri's only 4-9.. ouch.

  2. best bracket in the matrix (although it's not quite bracket format). good job. as far as Goro and who UNI can replace as an 8-seed, I'd say maybe you could push wake down. but then I'd also argue pushing Cal up if they win their tourney. overall seems pretty accurate as things stand now

  3. Goro - Bingo! Tomorrow's bracket will reflect that.

    John - Thanks a lot. You don't think yours is the best? I agree completely on Cal. With their computer numbers, a Pac-10 tourney championship will definitely help their seeding.