Monday, March 7, 2011

Bracket Mensa Projections 3/7/11

"First Four" Games: Michigan St. vs. Boston College and Alabama vs. Virginia Tech for last 12-seeds, Long Island vs. Bethune-Cookman and Bucknell vs. Texas Southern for final 16-seeds

Last Four In: Michigan St., Boston College, Alabama, Virginia Tech

First Four Out: Colorado, Memphis, VCU, Missouri St.

Look for daily projection updates starting Wednesday.


  1. This may be the most useless site I've ever visited. If you're not even going to spend 10 seconds analyzing the teams, then why bother?

    One example: Bucknell, despite an RPI of 82 and a record of 24-8, is given a spot in a play-in game!!! Other than this site, no-one gives Bucknell worse than a 14 seed and the guys who actually spend time on this, like Lunardi, give them a 13 seed.